Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q : What is this project about?
  • A : We made EV capitals in order to provide average investors with ways to invest in not so commonly available assets.


  • Q : What is the minimum investment available to be made?
  • A : The minimum amount in certain plans is 100$ investment.


  • Q : What is the maximum investment amount?
  • A : Two of our plans have a limit of 50 000$ and 100 000$.


  • Q : Will there be more investment plans available?
  • A : Yes, we will periodically add new plans with different percentages and investment limits based on the external factors.


  • Q : Which cryptocurrencies do you accept?
  • A : We accept the top: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and XRP.


  • Q : Why aren't my funds showing after I've deposited crypto?
  • A : It can take up to 10 minutes for our payment processors to process the request even when your transaction gets verified instantly, wait until you see it in the 'Summary' tab. DO NOT deposit multiple times on the same address because this might result in your funds being lost. Each deposit generates a new crypto address after the initial deposit has been done.


  • Q: When can I withdraw my funds?
  • A: You can request withdrawals at any point of time but they will be manually processed and approved every friday in varying times due to our team being global.


  • Q: How can I earn my referral commission?
  • A: The referral commissions are earned after the referred person has purchased a plan, level 1 = 4% and level 2 = 1%. You can only withdraw your referral commissions after you have invested at least 100$ by purchasing a plan.


  • Q: How many plans can I purchase?
  • A: You can purchase as many plans as you like.


  • Q : Where can you be contacted?
  • A : Our official email is [email protected] so feel free to send us inquries.


We recommend joining our telegram announcement group where we will post updates regularly to keep yourself informed!


After the registration please enable google 2FA by going to the top right corner to your profile and select Settings > Authentication > Google 2FA. You are responsible for your account security and should have this enabled at all times and don't forget to save the recovery key!